Over The Rainbow

For this sure to be color-filled (and possibly rainbow-filled) weekend, we have selected some joyful art exhibitions. Start your weekend with Norah Dineen‘s rainbow-colored installations on Thursday. Then get in the mood with the Berlin Festival of the Lights and visit Jeongmoon Choi’s laser exhibition on Friday or come party with artists at the “Artwork Meet-up” on Saturday. Unfortunately, however, we are not only the bearers of good news: There are only 2 months left until the end of the world, and the curators of Note On are here to remind us of that in the opening of the 7th “News about the Apocalypse.”

Thursday October 11th 2012: 

The WYE – Graffito by VAGE
Did you know that Graffiti is recorded to date back as far as 40,000 years? Yes, the habit of writing/drawing in public space is not recent at all. Although many people still see it as vandalism, this group of artist believes in it’s historical value. They were asked to research and get inspired by an ancient piece of graffiti and then use modern materials to re-interpret it. But is the message behind GRAFFITO convincing enough? 
Scharnhorststrasse 32 – Exploring the Fe/male
Norah Dineen has transformed former DDR offices into colorful nursery. With a work somewhere between teenager posters and graffiti, she is preparing an extremely temporary exhibition. After one month, everything will be deconstucted. So hurry up before the artist destroys it all!

Note On – News about the Apocalypse #7 

Will the world really end on the 21st of December? Will it be the beginning of a new era for mankind? It’s too soon to tell, but the project space Note On has devoted the whole year to the “News about the Apocalypse”. The 7th exhibition analyses rituals through creations and their social, political and historical context.

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Friday October 12th 2012:

Artwork Repro Berlin – Artwork Meet-up
This event is a perfect opportunity for artist and designers to meet and make connections. So come meet creative people and also show your work! Need a new picture? There is also an opportunity of getting a free professional picture taken. Everyone there will have a chance to pose with their creation. 

re:MMX: Lines up, A Recollection

If you are looking forward to Berlin’s Festival of Lights, this is the right event for you! The artist Jeongmoon Choi has prepared his largest light installation ever. To make it even shinier, there will be drinks and a live musical performance by Karsten Pflum.

Placette – Fluchtpunkt Berlin

We all know how popular Berlin is for migrant artists, yet their feelings towards the city are definitely mixed. The Placette will present different visions of artists who took Berlin as their “Vanishing Point.” 

Grimmuseum – What is it to be Chinese?
It’s a fact that China has been increasing its presence in contemporary culture and influencing the globe. But how does it feel to be Chinese outside China? This exhibition unites five mixed Chinese artists with different origins yet sharing Chinese roots. Even though they weren’t raised in China and don’t speak the language fluently, will their ethical background affect their work? Find out in the exhibition!

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Saturday October 13th 2012:
After 10 days of free art, this culture festival sadly must come an end. But you can still come party, even if you missed the art! This Saturday, after checking Harlekin Sokrates’ interactive Clowns-Installation, come have fun with the different music events and get ready for the big closing party at Kohlenquelle. Check the schedule of the event here.
Berlin’s Smallest Art House – Backlit Lounge Berlin, Episode 2
Get cosy, get close and enjoy some kick ass art alongside some some body-grooving electronic beats. This Saturday night Backlit lounge is set to take over the smallest art house in Berlin (yes, officially!), with some visual and electronic art. Curated by Alesh One, the event organizers encourage Berliner artists to partake and bring their own electronic art – first come, first serve (in terms of power outlets, of course). There will also be live beatjazz to get the night going!

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