Out of Sight: Hidden Art Gems Part II

Last month we covered some of the harder to find galleries and exhibition spaces in Berlin. It’s not uncommon that you’ll find that a favorite artist of yours is exhibiting at a gallery here in the city, only to get lost along the way to the opening. Compared to metropolitan art capitals like London or New York, the majority of galleries in Berlin are buried in Hinterhofs or business buildings. For this installment we hope to make these headaches disappear by helping you find some of the greatest hidden art gems in Berlin!


 Plan B Director Michaela Lutea shows off some of the work hidden from view at the gallery. Photo: Chis Phillips

 Plan B

Last week we interviewed the director of this gallery whose original home was in Cluj, Romania. Home to some of the best artists to come out of Romania and beyond, the space greets exhibition visitors with large paintings and sculptures. Located in a Hinterhof in Schöneberg, you’ll have to wind through a maze of storefronts before finding the entrance to this unique space. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself coming face to face with a helicopter while walking to the gallery: there’s a flying school in the same ‘hof!


 Artist Arte Veirkant stand next to some of his art at Exile. Photo: Chris Phillips


Back in Kreuzberg off of Skalitzer you can find another BAPs favorite gallery: Exile. We hosted them in our tour of Skalitzerstraße and reviewed their latest exhibition so something keeps bringing us back to this gallery tucked in corner. The space is rather small, but the gallery is not a stranger to large-scale installations. Known for their keen taste in art and diverse exhibitions, Exile is definitely worth the search. While walking along Skalitzerstraße make sure that you keep your eyes out for Exile’s business sign on the exterior of its Hinterhof, because if you miss that you may find yourself strolling for hours.


 The modest doors of Chert Gallery. Photo: Chris Phillips


Also part of our tour of Skalitzerstraße, Chert is a gallery that shares a ‘hof with the world-renowned bookstore Motto and the exciting exhibition space Silberkuppe. What you may notice first when looking for Chert is Motto’s luminous, blue sign for its Kreuzberg home. Enter here and in the back you’ll find Chert, whose only label is its humble name hung above the gallery’s doors.


 Two art enthusiasts enjoy the company of art starts at Arratia Beer. Photo: Chris Phillips.

 Arratia Beer

In Kreuzberg is a gallery that has had some of the biggest names in contemporary art shown in its exhibition space: Arratia Beer. It is carefully hidden off the Mehringdamm stop and usually attracts large crowds with their art star openings. For instance, we visited their latest exhibition of Omer Fast’s videos. They have also have seen the likes of Matthew Metzger, Kiki Smith and more. Most importantly, while you’re in the area make sure you visit hungry because this part of Berlin is home to some of the best Vietnamese food in the city!

Article by James Shaeffer