Out From Behind The Lens

BAPS: Which subject do you find the most interesting to photograph?

UvL Things that touch me.

BAPS: Who are you inspired by in your work?
UvL Great artists of different subjects, there are a few mostly unknown… What inspires me more are things that have nothing to do with photography. Inspiration occurs mostly when I don’t expect it and it comes in various shapes and situations and always completely different, mostly it happens unconsciously, athmosphere, smells, situations that make me laugh, cry, be angry, love.

BAPS: Do you come to Berlin often?
UvL I’m staying in Berlin most of the time.

BAPS: Do you find Berlin to be an interesting subject?
UvL Berlin for me is the city of the greatest changes, transformation and development in the last years regarding arts and culture in Germany, which I find absolutely fascinating… Most of the time though, to be honest, it’s hype & loudness truely annoys me. I prefer silence and simplicity, which I found in Shanghai but hardly ever in Berlin. But then again there is this thrill every now and again which makes me feel, that I’m in the only right place I could be for this time of my life.

BAPS: Have you ever captured anything weird or unexpected in Berlin?
UvL Every walk through Berlin with or without the camera uncloses weird and unexpected things somehow (laughs).

BAPS: Do you ever go out without your camera?
UvL 95% percent of the time.

BAPS: What is your favourite photography exhibition or gallery in Berlin?
UvL There are so many! It strongly depends on what is exhibited and what it reveals. I avoid pieces of art that are only to provoke, lacking deeper message. I love exhibitions that show passion and love for detail besides carrying a deeper message that concerns us all.

BAPS: Do you have a favourite up-and-coming photographer?
UvL I would say no, but “no” looks like I don’t look up to anyone. It’s more the small shots here and there often made by “no-names” that are my favourites…

BAPS: What is your favourite food and where is the best place to get it?
UvL A good South African fillet steak on open fire, self-made… with a glass of DER SÜDAFRIKANER wine… on the farm in South Africa where I grew up on.

BAPS: Would you rather have a currywurst with Arnold Newman or Helmut Newton?
UvL I’d rather like to have dinner with the owner of Taschen Verlag.

BAPS: Would you rather sing karaoke at Mauerpark or climb Teufelsberg?

UvL I prefer canoeing on the Havel with a cold Savannah. (smiles).

Thank you Ulrike and see you tomorrow at the opening! 

Cafe Des Artistes Ulrike von Loeper “Ein Mensch. Ein Blick. Die Essenz.” May 21st – August 14th 2012.