Open Call: Let’s Get Physical

Remember the days before the internet? No? Well, never mind then. We all know that in 2012 you’re not anyone if you’re not on the internet. And if you’re an artist trying to become an even bigger artist – dare we say, offline as well, then this open call may be for you. Until August 23rd, 2012 you have the opportunity to submit to berlinerpool to become a part of their physical artists’ archive. That’s right this archive will not live only in cyber space, but will in fact walk (sort of), talk (possibly), and travel (definitely). If selected you will be traveling at least once a year to be presented under the framework of an art fair or gallery, and will also take part in several seminars and workshops that hit on topics from funding art projects to archiving the arts.

In the internet age, or rather, in the age of “the interwebs,” taking your art into the digital realm is a must. Though many people still roll out of bed and manage to make it to some galleries to see art, many just cruise the web clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking until (hopefully) they see something about you and your art lurking behind a sexy pop-up ad. (They are in fact more likely in a Wikipedia wormhole or reading the gossip blog Perez Hilton.) Nevertheless, increasing your online presence is a 21st century strategy for a 21st century person. The trick to being a 21st century person is balancing both the offline and the online. So, if you’ve got the spirit of the new millennium, check out berlinerpool’s open call

  • Berlinerpool open call for artists, deadline to submit is August 23rd 2012.