On Your Bike!

Grab your bike and catch the final day of The Great World Fair 2012. Enjoy the luxurious excess of space at Tempelhofer Park with art, good times and ice cream!

Today, catch the finale of The World is Not Fair The Great World Fair (Die Große Weltausstellung) 2012 at the former airport, Tempelhofer Park. Be sure to get your hands on a bicycle so that you can indulge yourself in the truly liberating experience of speeding along the vast runways, swimming in space and weaving your way past the kites and longboards that momentarily drift alongside of you. Today, however, is your last chance to enhance the experience by breathing in the weird and wonderful sights and sounds of The Great World Fair 2012. There is even a free after party that is sure to be a good time with ice cream and hip-hop to finish off the art-filled afternoon.


The World is Not Fair features 15 pavilions, built by artists and architects, hosting a variety of installations, music and performance art. The concepts behind these recyclable structures focus on the world, not as it is but as we perceive it. We personally recommend that you check out the World Freud Centre where you’ll find theatre company And Company.


The Sunday sun setting behind the imposing white watch-towers is just a signal that the closing summer block party will soon begin. The party will celebrate the fair’s success with a live concert performance featuring the familiar collaborative team of artists Banjee Boi and Clara Jo, a barbeque complete with ice cream and a DJ set from up and coming Sarah Farina. We hope to see you there for a rambunctious night of creatively fuelled festivities!