Oliver Koerner Talks Turkey!



‘There is no empathy in the art business’, says Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, who has just closed down his Gallery ‘September  at Charlottenstraße in Berlin-Mitte. Is it the ‘evil’ art market?

Koerner von Gurstorf says no. If you run a gallery you have to deal with the system. But the pressure is really big. Art fairs are a high financial risk.

‚It’s capitalism, darling!’, Oliver Koerner sums it up. And with this capitalistic system art becomes more and more just a product. That’s why Koerner now tries to find a new, more appropriate way to promote art he really likes.

Oliver Koerner von Gustorf started is career as an art critic, before opening a gallery. His view on the art market therefore is a very interesting one.

The Gallery September is currently moving to its new location on Adalbertstr. 5-8, Staircase B, 10999 Berlin, and will reopen on January 4, 2012.