Old School In A Digital World

As our world becomes increasingly digital, with more and more art being created using computer programs, how do the other generations keep up with the digital takeover of generation Y? One such artist has found a solution, a choice that he says was not exactly intentional, but a more organic transition. Berlin-based artist DAG‘s artwork at first appears to be a what most see when a digital photograph is blown up on a computer to show the pixels. However, on closer inspection one can see that the works are actually giant hand drawn grids with blocks colored in individually by hand, a tedious but commendable method, and the effect is stunning. We sat down with the artist at his studio for a little chat about his life, art, and future plans for his work.

BAPS: What is the inspiration for your work? 

DAG: Well, my work is based on little geometrical systems and figures like dots, triangles, and squares. Basically, I see structures in the world around me and try to find similar systems for my paintings as a reaction, but also as a picture. The ground figures I put together with stencils and then fill this system with colors. In particular, I am inspired by the real world but also by all the parallel digital worlds like TV, print media, internet etc.

BAPS: Why did you choose to work with this particular medium? Do you ever work with anything else?

DAG: I am not good with computers so I have to create my painted world which looks like a computer based work but all by hand in real time. Computers often-times make mistakes in the pixel-grids; I try to represent these mistakes but by hand.

BAPS: You exhibited at Artist As Curator this past week, How would you rate the experience? What is your personal opinion on the role of the curator?

DAG: I think it is interesting to change the view from producer to “user” but also i love to combine art works and to bring people together in this way. 

BAPS: What are your future plans for your work? Upcoming exhibitions etc.

DAG: A show which I participated in just finished this Sunday at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart about grids. The show was named “Rasterfahndung” which refers to anti-terrorism, with particular focus on media from the 80’s such as bad newspaper photos of terrorists. I displayed four paintings with triangles there. On October 16th I will show work at Bi Nuu for Creative Match Kreuzberg. That show is going to be a little bit different for me so I made drawings on paper specifically for the event, it is at a club and is less formal. 

Stay tuned for more info about DAG’s upcoming show at Bi Nuu and Creative Match Kreuzberg next week plus a chance to win two free catalogues of the artist’s work! 

  • Bi Nuu DAG at Creative Match Kreuzberg Tuesday October 16th 2012: 8pm-11pm

Article by Kirsten Hall