Off The Books

Yes, it’s that time yet again—read about the most recent “Mad Lips” contest winner, the exclusive discount code for the “Art & Toys” exhibition at me Collectors Room, and JR, one of the impressive street artists on exhibit who also signed the catalogues we are giving away!

First things first: Elsa Elefth is fifth winner of our “Mad Lips” competition and now the proud owner of an Art & Toys catalogue signed by famous urban artist JR. Here is her winning remixed Andy Warhol quote: “An artist is someone who produces things that people cannot produce themselves due to the predefined and limited perception they have of things’ usability.”

Are you bursting with jealousy? If so, play the last round of Mad Libs on our facebook page tomorrow for your chance to win! Also, stop by me Collectors Room with our exclusive discount code “artist” tomorrow to receive reduced entry (€4) to the exhibition before it closes this Sunday, October 14 2012.

JR Heads up! See perspective-altering works by JR in person at “Art & Toys.” Photo: JR

Nestled among the plethora of pieces from world-renowned urban artists including Banksy, you will not be able to miss the large-scale works by French photographer and artist JR. In particular, you might be overcome by an eerie sensation that the huge eyes predominant in his works are watching you, instead of vice-versa. Starting his career as a photographer when he found a camera in the Paris subway, JR now flyposts massive black-and-white photographic works on improbable public sites. Declaring that the street is “the largest art gallery in the world,” JR has glued immense photographs on buildings around the world, most recently in Washington D.C. to make civil rights demands.

Do not miss your last chance to win an “Arts & Toys” catalogue signed by this famous street artist tomorrow!

  • me Collectors Room “Art & Toys – Collection Selim Varol” May 26th – October 14th 2012, Tue – Sun: 12 – 6pm

Article by Patricia Restrepo