NYC At Last

Mmm… Saturday night. No better night to arrive in NYC, ready to take on the art scene (though I hear Thursday and Friday nights are pretty promising too!). I met up with Irina Makarova, one of the writers for the up-coming nyc-artparasites magazine, at Gavin Brown’s enterprise. Located in West Village, near the Hudson River, the stylish gallery looked inviting with its white facade and warm light on a cold, nearly-winter evening. Internationally acclaimed artists Alex Katz and Jeremy Deller were opening and there was quite a crowd of gallery-goers eagerly checking out the artworks.

After perusing Katz’ large painting portraits of females and the stylish Irina having her own picture taken by a photographer for an art magazine in NYC, we decided to head over to another art space across town, TEMP Art Space. TEMP was hosting audio-visual art performances under the amusing title “Can’t Hear My Eyes.”


Well-dressed artist HeavyW8bit putting on an audio-visual performance at TEMP Art Space.

TEMP reminded me a lot of one of the more raw, factory-like art spaces you can find in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, Neukoelln or Friedrichshain districts. The basement had an “unfinished” feel, but unlike a lot of the more underground Berlin art spaces everything was rather clean and the floor wasn’t littered with cigarette butts and beer bottles. We caught the HeavyW8bit performance with lo-fi visuals (from old school video and computer games) mixed with musical compositions from the same games. His vibrant outfit and stage persona made for quite an entertaining night. 

Written by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck