Not Ready For Love

Photography by Charlotte Clara

Photography by Charlotte Clara

The invisible buzz of electricity
between two arms,
A big red balloon tied to the wrists
of a lost woman,
Questions lied up in infinite lines,
Oh, I’m sorry, I ran out of answers.
Singers have lost all their voices,
The writers have lost all the words,
only silence remains, when the sun sets,
I try to smile but I still can’t forget anything,
Oh, I’m sorry, I have too many deadlines.
I have an early morning schedule,
and nightmares sleeping in my wide eyes,


There is a light in every dark place of the room,
except where I stand and say goodbye,

Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m always leaving you behind. 

Hey, did you see me yesterday?
I looked so much like I did before,
Now, I’m just the person I saw in the mirror
at the beginning of the new year,
Looking back at me with dry lips,
Oh, I’m sorry, I’m too shy to fall in love this time.


Oshin Ahlawat is a young poet and writer based in New Delhi, India. “I believe people who write are like tornados and cyclones. We wreck a lot of lives; for better or worse. It all depends on the people who read our work. They decide where the damage is going to be; the heart or the mind and whether it’s going to be for the good or for worse. I wish to give them the choice to decide that. I’m just going to focus on doing what I want”, she says.