Not Another Group Show

What do you get when you take a dozen artists from around the world and throw them in a room together?  Head over to Atlelierhof Kreuzberg to see the current exhibition “Transformers: Coiled Potentials” and find out. Transformers is the final show of 11 artists who have spent the last two years working independently and in occasional residence with each other towards the Transart Institute’s MFA degree. Presented by Trampoline and curated by Miles Chalcraft and Anette Schäfer, the show brings together video, painting, sculpture, sound, and installation. But what’s the real connection?

We’ve all seen it before:  the MFA final show. But usually we see work from a group of artists who have spent the better part of the year in each others company, sharing ideas, energy, and often times space. However, the artists in Transformers have had minimal face to face contact, save a few short periods where they’ve come together to work.  So what does this isolation mean for the work?  Where are its common threads? Does it have any? A highlight of the show is the work of Alessandro Sau who uses images of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves in a way that is both amusing and interesting, but wait… there’s more.

The Nature of it All 

Interestingly many of the artists’ works draw from nature, a seemingly apt choice of subject for solitary work. Stephan Takkides presents us with a portrait of quiet wildness, highlighting the intersection between nature and civilization in his engaging video. Desolate and overgrown landscapes at the border of towns take on new life as an “amateur botanist” narrates our tour through Takkides’ world. 

Another artist who uses nature not only as inspiration but also as media is Lark Gilmer-Smothermon. Gilmer-Smothermon uses natural fibers and live plants to create text messages (no, not the ones on your cell phone!) that draw you in as you try to decipher the larger than life lettering.  One particular piece located on the back side of the lot outside the gallery reads “Enter Here”, written in Ivy. The piece could easily be overlooked, but is worth a look as it beckons you from far away. Is there a secret garden behind it? Will I fall down the rabbit hole? You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Other artists exhibiting in the show include: Livia Daza-Paris (pictured above), Sonia E Barrett, Andrew Telichan, and Alessandro Sau. 

  • Atelierhof Kreuzberg Group Show, Transformers: Coiled Potentials.  July 21 – August 10, 2012, Wednesday – Saturday: 4pm – 8pm.