No Tone Is Better Than The Other

When 10 artists decide to exhibit together in the same booth, the decision-making process may quite complicated. Especially when they choose not to have a curator. Creating a system that simultaneously unites the artists and allows them to express their own unique, creative voice can be quite challenging. We met the women behind Scotty Enterprises who will be exhibiting at Preview Berlin Art Fair at  Tempelhof Airport  in September to find out how they work as a collective and what they are preparing for for the Fair.
Equality Doesn’t Mean Loss of Individuality 
Although decisions are being made as a group, the art is very individual and personal. They not only came up with a way of working together, but also decided to use it as a concept for creating art. Inspired by the Twelve Tones method of composing by Arnold Schoenberg – which assumes an equal treatment for each tone, always relating one to another – Scotty Enterprises has taken this idea to the visual field. Under the title “method of composing with ten tones related only to one another,” they will present 10 artworks in a series of 10 color-fields.

Each individual artist will highlight a color, which was chosen by the artist himself. And the whole presentation is based on a classification system that provides equality as a premise. There won’t be a right way to look it or even a special order: The exhibition can be read from right to left, from left to right or to be seen vertically. There is no prescribed way of reading a sequence.

I like the idea of self organized artist-run spaces and it’s a grateful duty supporting them: No matter that all of them are already professionals in the art world for a long time, they keep on being enthusiastic,” explains Wayra Schubel, one of the organizers and artists exhibiting.

A Preview of Preview
For Preview Berlin, this group of artists is preparing a booth with various media, including live installation, painting, videos and photographs. It’s their third time at the Fair and they are very excited. For them, Preview is not only a selling platform for commerce – it’s an opportunity to step out of your gallery and express yourself on a larger scale, sharing experiences and networking with different artists. Here is a preview of their booth: 
Booth - Scotty Enterprises
Bla, Bla is right! See you at the Scotty Enterprises booth, artparasites!