No Need To Feel Blue

Berlin Art Week spawned a number of exciting projects across the city, but as far as the artparasites are concerned project re:MMX by the Co-Verlag team at 142 Linienstasse was one of the most exciting. Previously opened under the name of MMX in 2010 and underground street art haven the Cave in 2011, the abandoned rooms and garden at the venue make an incredible art space which is far more interesting than your average gallery. Follow artparasites reporter Marie J Burrows and Aimee Stanton as they explore the latest art terrain at re:MMX.

Approaching the venue you are immediately confronted by Tobias Sternberg’s impressive animal installation “Schadenfreunde” featuring an imposing mammoth in a tree, accompanied by a bison beneath it. Originally commissioned specifically for the space in 2010, no passerby can resist a double take of the gigantic beasts, usually walking over for a closer inspection and also becoming engrossed in the public Video Box next to it; which is on 5-10pm daily and changes weekly. 

re:MMX Bison

Aimee Stanton posing with the slightly scary (especially at night) Bison artwork outside of re:MMX. Photo: Marie J Burrows

Across the courtyard is one of the many beautiful large scales murals on display by James Bullough, setting the scene for the quality of the rest of the work inside which featured street art, photography, painting, video and the amazing light therapy installation the The Circadian Project

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