New York’s Best Weekend Art Events

Once upon a time there lived a New York City resident who didn’t take advantage of his city’s rich gallery scene and world capital status. When he grew quite old, he told his grandchildren: “Babies, if there’s one thing…. .Just one thing I could do over… I wouldn’t have married my wife. Secondly and also, I would have taken Artparasites’ sterling gallery-hopping advice, however and wherever I could. Love ya.”

Thursday May 2, 2013

Various Locations, Dumbo – Dumbo 1st Thursday Gallery Walk- 6-9pm

It’s spring, it’s beautiful, and your increasingly dumpy legs need a stretch. So get yourself to Dumbo, where a wide range of galleries will keep their doors open for an evening of free libations and art-viewing. Curate your evening here, or don’t, and maintain that spontaneous spring evening feeling in which you are entirely lost the whole time.

Galerie Richard – Yang Yi “Uprooted” opening – 6-8pm

During the creation of the Three Gorges Dam in China, artist Yang Yi’s entire hometown of Kaixian was buried under water. Here, Yi uses digitally-altered photographs to reimagine the city buried under water. An evocative and powerful Thursday option.

Pace Gallery – Tim Hawkinson solo exhibition opening – 6-8pm

Hey, Pace. You’ve been blowing up our list lately, what’s going on with that? Just good curation, I suppose. OK, all’s forgiven. Tim Hawkinson’s large, ethereal installation pieces draw from shapes and images found as close to home as his own garden. Expect the creepy, too,. as Hawkinson’s taken to creating photographs and sculptures that evoke the human body being torn apart. Ewwwwwwwwwwwk see you there!

Friday May 3, 2013

The Bishop – "FLEET" opening – 7-10pm
The Bishop is one of our favorite new galleries in town. Check out their second exhibition, "FLEET," a multi-artist, multi-media exploration of work that only exists in relation with other works around it. 

Robert Henry Contemporary – “On Not Knowing” opening – 6-9pm

Acrylic on canvas and enamel on plexiglass are the media of choice for this new exhibition of Phillip Buntin’s work. Working abstractly, in a largely monochromatic, cream palate, Buntin evokes both simplicity and the pressing need for information in our rapidly-datifying world.

Gagosian GalleryAnselm Kiefer “Morgenthau Plan” opening – 6-8pm

To open their new space in Paris, the Gagosian put on “Morgenthau Plan.” Now the exhibition- which explores the “Morgenthau Plan,” an American Treasury Secretary’s outline for how to solve the German problem after World War II, comes to New York City. The exhibition focuses on painting, but explores multimedia options such as installation and paint applied to photographs.

Saturday May 4, 2013

Andrea Rosen Gallery – multiple openings – 6-8pm

In one room we’ve got German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. In the other, you’ve got an opening from five––count ‘em, five!-––Andrea Rosen regulars, including Mika Rottenberg and Axel Salto. What’s it all add up to? A damn good time, kiddo. Some free appetizers, at the very least. And a damn good time.

Alexander and Bonin – Jorge Macchi “Loop” opening – 6-8pm

For his exploration of time and its depictions, Macchi has separated the Alexander and Bonin gallery into three distinct spaces, each of which is occupied by a large-scale installation that depicts and somehow dismantles the idea of what “clock” can mean. Watch in particular for XYZ, a video art piece that incorporates its clock imagery with the gallery space around it.