Never Enough Art & Toys

Let your inner child, or inner collector, loose for the final week of the much-talked about Art & Toys exhibition at me Collectors Room! Collector Selim Varol has unleashed his massive collection of urban art from world class artists and commando of designer toys into the Berlin art scene – and this is your last chance to see this thousand item collection all in one place before the exhibition closes on Sunday, October 14th 2012. Lucky for our readers and Berlin art scenesters, we have teamed up with me Collectors Room to give away discounted admission and some extra treats each day for the final week!

Starting on Monday, October 8th 2012, we will be having daily Mad Libs (or Mad Lips) contests on our facebook page. The genius mind behind the most creative input submitted will receive a free Art & Toys catalogue (usually 39,90 Euro). With exclusive interviews and 196 color illustrations over 236 pages, this catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of world renowned urban art and the Berlin exhibition of the year!

Why Those Are Some Mad Lips You Have!

Mad Libs, or as berlin-artparasites likes to call them “Mad Lips,” are short stories in which key words have been replaced with blanks. Each blank requires a certain part of speech (such as noun, verb, adjective) that you must produce without knowing its context. Once all the key words are filled into the blanks, a hilarious story unfolds before your eyes. In order to make the story as funny and surreal as possible, you must hunt for creative words that will lead to ridiculous associations and inadvertent puns.

Get ready, get creative and get some Art & Toys, artparasites! 

  • me Collectors Room “Art & Toys – Collection Selim Varol” May 26th – October 14th 2012, Tue – Sun: 12 – 6pm

Article Written by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck and Patricia Restrepo