Nachtundnebel: Looking For Neukölln’s Best Art

An art event in Neukölln you say, surely not! Home to a cornucopia of creatives, this area is seldom short of art events, but on Saturday 3rd November there is the biggest arts and culture festival in the area  – Nachtundnebel. Now in its 11th year, this annual arts and culture festival spans 100 galleries which will be open from 6–12pm. It will present a cross section of the Neukolln art scene including painting, sculpture, multimedia installation, performance and music. With 100 venues to choose from we understand you may feel a little overwhelmed, so we’ve selected our highlights for the evening and even planned a map of the route too!

Kaleidoskop – Synaptic Space – 7pm

During Nachtundnebel the Kaleidoskop gallery will be transformed by it’s founder, Dutch-American visual artist and designer Natalie van Sasse van Ysslet, into the show ‘Synaptic Space’. A video installation combined with a network of physical lines within the space will represent the complex system of synapses in our head, and the internal network of images and thoughts which accompany them. Trippy.

Galerie im Körnerpark – quer|schnitt – 6pm

As previously mentioned in our Art Grain Tour article, currently showing at the Galerie im Körnerpark is a retrospective of the work of painter Angelika Schneider-von Maydell. This should not be missed. Mainly dealing with portraiture, this artist’s work is both vivid and beautifully textured, aesthetically pleasing yet also at times depicting gritty reality; for example death and pain. A definite must see for all those more traditional fine art buffs (and anyone else besides).

Café Ole – Spunk Speil Takeaway & Music Perfromance – 8pm

Artist, curator and children’s book illustrator Spunk Seipel will present more than 200 drawings of crows (a commonplace yet strange animal, often associated with night and fog like the festival name). These will be distributed throughout the space at Café Ole and can be picked up free. The exhibition will work in this way to reflect the ‘takeaway’ exhibitions of the Berlin underground in the early 90s. A performance will also begin at 10pm featuring experimental sound artists. 

Artconnect Berlin  – Pieces of Berlin – 6pm

Featured in our top weekend events, this exhibition at Artconnect focuses on the photoblog ‘Pieces of Berlin‘, which attempts to capture a profile of the city’s everyday life in all its glory. This has been done by shooting portraits of people on the street and talking to them about their background, attempting to piece together the puzzle of this amazing capital’s inhabitants. The exhibition will feature the photographs of Florian Reischauer, photographer and founder of Pieces of Berlin. 

SDW Neukölln – Screen Printing Workshop – 8pm

SDW stands for Sieb Pressure Workshop, and a group who are dedicated to open screen printing workshops. During the evening of the Nachtundnebel festival, participants are invited to bring items to screen print (think T-shirts and bags etc.) and are also invited to help screen print the SDW space walls! What are you waiting for? Dig out your squeegee and get creative to the sounds of DJ Iza Minelli. 

Salon Renate – Senses – 6pm

As part of the festival, Salon Renate will be transformed into an audio-visual installation for the show ‘Senses‘. Five artists will create installations and objects that are ‘palpable, equally experienced by a sighted and non-sighted audience.’ What this means we’re not quite sure, but don’t miss your chance to find out!

Also worth mentioning is the after party where you can unwind after your art expedition.

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*Photo by: Chris Phillips

Article by Marie J Burrows