Musing The Muses On This NYC Weekend!

Last Friday we gave you some tips on how to become an art collector, proving that it's not necessary to be a jet setter to start hanging some beautiful things on your walls. But the best way to keep up to date with the art world is by reading specialized articles and visiting exhibitions. To keep you in the art loop, oh potential art collector, take our suggestions on the art that's on display this weekend in NYC:

Thursday July 25th, 2013

Skylight Gallery NYC – “Ontological” Opening – 6pm

This two-man show exhibits mixed-media paintings and drawings by Yuri Leonov and Jake Blake. These two young artists present a mixture of abstract and figurative forms, a result from their exploration on those quiet moments of private introspection.


Temp Art Space – “Where It Looks Like Itself”  Opening – 7pm

This show presents the work of three artists that share the same reflection on material-use in which form and material are carefully considered for their social, historical and ideological implications. What the works are made of, how they are made and how they occupy space are some of the questions they seek to raise. But will they answer them?

Chashama – “Migrations of the Arthropods” Opening – 6pm

In this exhibition the artist Dominique Paul presents four video loops and photographs documenting her journey as she prepares for global warming. Paul created a wearable recycled structure to transform herself into an insect. This reverse of Kafka’s story is much cooler than Al Gore’s movie (don't tell him I wrote that).

Friday July 26th, 2013

Met Museum – “Punk Music and Contemporary Art” Talk – 11am  [Free with museum admission].

This talk is held in conjunction with the exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture (which we reviewed). If you’re looking for an early event, you can join a curator of contemporary art (Ivan Alteveer) and a writer/educator/musician (Vivien Goldman) for a conversation about parallels between the punk music scene and artworks created during the time of punk's inception.

MoMA – “Entering the Space of the viewer: Artworks that invite interaction” Lecture – 3:30pm [Free with museum admission]

To touch or not to touch? This is a recurrent question among contemporary art viewers. Am I supposed to interact with the work? Can I touch it? Wear it? Step on it? Emma Cohen will lead a conversation on the matters of interacting with artworks. Join the interactive talk!

Yes Gallery – “Close Quarters” Opening – 7pm

​Nicole Handel’s mix of abstract and realistic watercolors meets Jack Jerz colorful illustrations on this show curated by Lesley Doukhowetzky. Yes Gallery is always showcasing established artists and they have a good eye for emerging ones. Say yes to Yes and check it out!

Saturday July 27th, 2013

Eyebeam – “The Very First Year” Opening – 12pm

​This is the first time in 16 years that this art and technology center includes a greater number of women than men among its activities. This day event will celebrate feminism by offering, among many other things, workshops, readings and last but not least, drinks. 

Reverse Space – “Nudes” Opening – 6pm

A group exhibition featuring the works of photographers using the naked human body in provocative and unconventional ways. Curator Daine Coppola’s approaches the theme by including works that evokes youth culture with stunning composition.

Gallery Brooklyn – “Spectrum: abstraction through spraypaint” Opening – 6pm

​Five ‘street-oriented painters’ present their works and reflections on the hybridization, re-creation, and singularity of art in the streets and in the galleries. Choice Royce, the curator and an artist himself, discusses the boundaries between the visual vocabularies and techniques of graffiti, street art and fine art.

Article by Bel Borst