May the Force be with you, Berlin

A simple google search for Yoda in Berlin brings you to the music profile of a hip hop artist from Neukölln that goes by Yoda and has “playa” and “pimp” in his username. With songs like Yoda-AmWannsee or “Represente deine Hood” – I realize that this can’t be the Yoda I’m looking for.

In another Berlin hood, Wedding to be precise, Yoda stencils have mysteriously appeared. Imparting wisdom up and down Luxemburgerstrasse, Yoda bears a zen grin and love for all passerbys. Named by Empire magazine as the 25th greatest movie character of all time, this Jedi master is all the Berlin streets need. In the words of Yoda:

“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmmm?”