Match Up To This Berlin Weekend!

The Berliner melting pot in which we live is a never ending opportunity to come across different world views. Let's embrace our last month of summer and enjoy the wonderful diversity and the critical standpoints that stem from it. Many international artists, new art spots and music in the sweet nightfall – check it out:

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Akademie der Künste – "Arte Postale" Opening – 7pm

A letter is a pretty versatile object: you can pour your heart out in it and you can also make it art. This exhibition celebrates the mail art movement that developed after Fluxus in the 50s and 60s. These messages that traveled the world with an art stamp reach their latest destination: Berlin.


District Berlin – "Dissident Desire Chapter 0: Missy Magazine" Opening – 7pm

This evening features lectures, performances, screenings and a party. Looks like a lady-like event where many female artists that investigate women’s body, politics, and engagement will participate. “The woman problem has always been a man problem,” according to Simone de Beauvoir, so these girls are turning it into a lovely celebratory affair.

Mindpirates – "Cave Paintings from the Future"  Concert – 9pm [Entry: 6 Euros]

French is beautiful simply spoken, yet the possibilities of rhythm take it to a whole different level: Parisian singer Léonore Boulanger presents songs from her new album inspired by the painter and synaesthete Wassily Kandinsky and his book Klänge. Enough said, let's go listen. 

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Galerie Zink – "Wenn sich der Nebel hebt" Opening – 6pm

Hannelore Van Dijck draws endlessly. His black and white mysterious jots are a lot like fog, hiding something and seducing the viewer. It's a solo exhibition on the horizons of charcoal use. 

General Public – "BBB #1 – BerlinBelgradeBridge" Opening – 7pm

An exhibition by four artists who delve into the connections between Berlin and Belgrade, two cities that have acted as platforms for contemporary art. "In the 1970s and 80s, Belgrade was a center of contemporary art, in which the artistic avant-garde was at home. With the Yugoslavian civil war, it came to an abrupt end. Today, the situation is distressing." Political and social awareness will be at the center of this wonderful event.

Kuckei+Kuckei – "Simple Present" Opening – 7pm

Peter Koch is an artist concerned with geometrical forms and uplifting colors. On this solo exhibition he will present his straightforward works dealing with the ambiguity of dimensionality. Time is a complex subject, let's see how he narrows it down for us in a simple manner. Or will he?

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

PSM – "Lament" Opening – 6pm

Romanian artist Anca Munteanu Rimnic exhibits two video works: one depicting the mourning of six Romanian wailers and the other one of her childhood memories dealing with horse-drawn carts in her country of origin. It's a unique opportunity to find out about other ways of being alive, growing up and dealing with death.

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art – "Cycle 1: Gerard Byrne and Jutta Koether" Opening – 7pm

It is always thrilling to witness the Grand Opening of a new place in Berlin. This Center for Contemporary Art presents the work of two artists from now until December, showing their work gradually for the following months. It's a very serious, intense and wholehearted offer. We say yes. 

Werkstatttraum e.V. – "Open Air Hofkino 2013" Event – 6pm

If you would rather spend your evening outdoors, this open air cinema is a perfect opportunity to enjoy shorts and documentaries. Hosted in an inner yard in Kreuzberg with a small crowd and intimate atmosphere, this appears to be one delightful soirée.

Article by Sofia Martinelli