Man Behind The Mask

Drum roll, please…..Marcela Grupp is the winner of our Day 4 “Mad Libs” contest and the beautiful “Art & Toys” catalogue from me Collectors Room signed by famous urban artist JR. Her winning Zorro Mad Lips was: “He probably wears the mask to hide scars and puffy eyes from last night.”

Have you been shy about participating in our contest? Unleash your creative forces on our facebook page on Friday and Saturday for your last chance to win! Also take advantage of our exclusive discount code “scars” tomorrow to receive reduced entry (€4) to the exhibition before it closes this Sunday, October 14th 2012!

Liquidated LogoCheck out Zev’s famous “liquidated logos” in person at “Arts & Toys.” Photo: Artwork by Kevs


While you are admiring the thousands of pieces of urban art from world-renowned artists such as Banksy at “Art & Toys,” be sure to keep an eye peeled for works by Zevs. An anonymous French street artist, Zevs is known for controversial works that the blur the boundaries between vandalism and art. He is famous for his “liquidated logos,” which create the illusion that ubiquitous brand logos such as those of Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton are dissolving by dripping paint from them. His visual attack on advertising has also included a “visual kidnapping,” where Zevs cut out the model of a gigantic advertisement at Alexanderplatz, and ad bombing, where he shoots billboard models between the eyes.

No wonder this artist wears masks and doesn’t want to show his face! What he is doing is frowned upon by the authorities and he has even been arrested for his artwork that is considered vandalism! 

Hurry and head over to “Art & Toys” tomorrow to investigate the potential of an artist to transform and disturb the visual power of advertisements.

  • me Collectors Room “Art & Toys – Collection Selim Varol” May 26th – October 14th 2012, Tue – Sun: 12 – 6pm

Article by Patricia Restrepo