Lumas Interview

Director of Lumas-Mitte, Angelika Scharpenack, discusses the concept of democratization of art and how the worldwide net of Lumas galleries work.

I couldn’t imagine a gallery work where you just sit and do your nails waiting for a client to walk in…”

Despite her delicate and tiny appearance, Angelika’s strength and determination become clear immediately: while the sound of her high heels echos in the gallery, I follow her as she carries a big ladder: a light above a big photograph at the entrance needs to be replaced.

The cradle of Lumas

There’s no time to rest while working at Lumas. Present today in 21 countries and selling more than 1,000 prints a month, it’s exciting to be exactly where everything started about 15 years ago.

Art for more

Walking through the gallery’s many rooms, Angelika explains carefully how the Lumas network began. Reflecting on the absurd cost of art today, founders Stefanie Harig & Marc Ullrich, collectors themselves, aimed to make art more accessible, and in a way, democratize art.

Known and unknown

With limited editions and an amazing printing quality, their idea was clearly successful. Today they maintain an overview of all the newly discovered art pieces, contributing to the visibility of already established artists while also focusing on discovering new talented artists all over the world.