“Love” is bullshit

Painting by Mary Jane Ansell

Painting by Mary Jane Ansell

No don’t get me wrong, I believe in soul mates, I cry through Rom-coms, I hum all the love songs on a radio and I completely believe in fairytales.

I don’t have dysfunctional relationships around me, I’ve always had a good family and I have the nicest friends.

I’ve also been in love, at least that’s what I feel it was, and I’ve been in and out of my fair share of relationships and I would do it again.

People have made grand gestures for me, guys have gone all out and I’ve been through the whole list of “couple goals” comments on Instagram pictures with heartfelt captions. Basically meaningful emotions in terms of words and actions,

But when I say love is pure bullshit I mean that the term “LOVE” that is so easily thrown around, that people mean but fail to live up to, that people promise but walk away from. That term, I do not understand.

So if love is, being the best you can for another person while things are good and then sprinting, the minute things get bad, I don’t want that “love”.

If love exists one moment but fails to stay consistent through every other, then what I’m looking for shouldn’t be called love.
Let’s go find a new term.

A term that will mean a lot right now but in another 50 years, it’ll be thrown around like “love”.

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