Lookin’ Up: Best Weekend Art Events!

Hungry for some good art in NYC this weekend? The good news is there are plenty of art events, openings and exhibitions for you to chew on! After a long-enough winter respite, the NYC galleries and art spaces are now ready to take on 2013 with full force. From the Art Sucks 10 Year Anniversary Party at Studio 21, which is guaranteed to be banging (and could get a bit wild with live body painting performances. Read: Come prepared and ready to bare all), to an exhibition the encourages you to participate in a skyward daydream and an art performance exploring the human condition at TEMP Art Space, you’ll love what the weekend has in store for you! Follow our recommended weekend art events: 

Thursday, January 10th 2013

Envoy Enterprises Narcissister’s “Narcissister is You” Exhibition – 6-8pm

These days it’s not always negative to see yourself as being a narcissist. The upside is a peaked interest in the aesthetics and beauty of things; you could always embrace it and start making art, like artist Narcissister, who merges performance art, burlesque, dance, and visual art. What you can expect: through the ” works in this show (of self-portraiture, of video curation, and of participatory sculpture), Narcissister challenges us to explore whether we might enter into her own radically extended narcissistic construct in order to find something of the agency she has found in the mirror.” Sounds enticing!

Denise Bibro Fine Art Carter Hodgkin’s “Vortex” Exhibition – 6-8pm

Carter Hodgkin’s second solo show of animations and recent works on paper at Denise Bibro Fine Art is definitely worth a visit. “Manipulating computer code as a drawing process, Hodgkin generates animations of particle collisions which are used to create works on paper as well as short animations. For her works on paper, a still image is captured and used as a template for hand-painting thousands of overlapping tiny dots until an iconic form emerges.” You’ll become mesmerized by the prevalence of order among disorder as vibrantly-colored dots explode and implode in her works. 

Studio 21  Art Sucks 10 Year Anniversary Party & Re-Launch – 8pm-2am

Finish off your round of Thursday night Chelsea openings with a visit to Studio 21 for the best art party to start off 2013! Art Sucks, an entertaining art blog run by artist Cojo Art Juggernaut, is turning 10 years old and knows just how to throw-down and with the best acts. There will be experimental live body painting and a projection installation by artist Andy Golub and live performances by “NYC Jazz Goddess” Nicole Zuraitis and “solo acoustic guitar maestro” James Sera, among other live acts.

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Friday, January 11th 2013

Sean Kelly Three Installation (Grasso, Grimenprez, Koh) – 11am-6pm

Contemporary art at it’s finest. There is no opening reception set for this exhibition, but we decided to include it because it certainly tops the list of the best exhibitions opening in NYC this weekend. The exhibition features “three distinct interventions by Laurent Grasso, Johan Grimonprez and Terence Koh. Whilst seemingly disparate initially, all of the works are united by the themes of duality, hidden meaning, and cinematic influence.” Incredible multi-media art: Expect large-scale neon signs, Hitchcock art, and wax figures. 

The Boiler Kevin Cooley’s “Skyward” Exhibition – 7-10pm

It’s Friday at least. Time to grab a drink, a large over-stuffed pillow and relax – why not daydream a bit and imagine a warmer, sunnier place, maybe LA? Pierogi has got you covered with their latest exhibition “Skyward” by artist Kevin Cooley. “Skyward is a large-scale video installation portraying Los Angeles’ manufactured landscape and its complex relationship to the natural world. Using the quintessential Los Angeles experience of driving as allegory, the video takes the point of view of a passenger gazing upward through an open-top convertible, or sunroof while riding throughout the city.” Get lost through art, we’re right behind you on this one.

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Saturday, January 12th 2013

Alexander Gray Associates Hugh Steer Exhibition – 6-8pm

Need a break from abstract art? We feel you. Alexander Gray Associates will be featuring an exhibtion of works by Hugh Steers – an artist who depicted the society of his times (the 80s and early 90s) through figurative artwork and we can’t wait to check it out. Steers “was celebrated for his allegorical painting that captured the emotional and political tenor of New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly the impact of Queer identity and the AIDS crisis… Influenced by historical figures of American art, including Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper, and Paul Cadmus, he embraced representational painting and figuration at a time when such approaches were especially unfashionable.”

TEMP Art Space Élan Jurado and Irina Makarova “White Action Reaction” “Hunger” Art Performances – 7-9pm

Wanna get messy and experience some live art performances by young, local NYC-based artists (including one of our very own Artparasites – Irina Makarova)? Then look no further than TEMP Art Space. “The works of these two artists touches upon various aspects of human frailty. While performing, each artist seeks to find the lengths that the human body can be pushed both physically and emotionally. Expect an array of reactions and emotions, preconceptions completely thrown out of the window, as you embark on two adventures through the human condition. 

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