Light Up Your Berlin Weekend!

We have bold and cheeky art enterprises this weekend. These artists are taking risks either with the topic at hand, their exhibition format or with ambitious titles. Summer days provide light for a longer period of time but some presentations will be shorter. We offer performances and one evening acts to embrace ephemeral and fleeting beauty!

Thursday July 18th, 2013

CircleCulture Gallery – “The truth hurts [but then it will set you free]" Opening – 6pm

Olivia Steele is a young American artist. This audacious title manages to catch our attention and makes us beg for more. The artist works by placing neon statements of layered meaning in connotative settings, creating a clash between the space and the content. We expect the opening to be luminous, philosophical and iconoclast. We wouldn’t want to miss it – so we won’t!

Rockelmann & – “Calvin Klein” Performance – 7pm 

Calvin Klein is the name of a performance trio integrated by Alexander Coggin, Michael Norton and Jessica Taylor. The new gallery in the hood will present a performance that breaks linear narrative and looks to delve into more surrealist and intricate stories. Waiting for Godot took just as little amount of characters to build up an unforgettable tale, so we have hopes for this one too!

Idrawalot  – “Caribbean Lobotomy” Opening – 7pm 

Another flashy title, this time by Mexican artist Lucía Revilla. Her background is Graphic Design and illustration so she works digitally to create fictional lobotomies portraying aquatic life. This procedure will only play with your perception, so frontal lobes: do not fear! 

Friday July 19th, 2913

FELDBUSCHWIESNER – “Rutur” Opening – 6pm 

Artist Martin Gross will be presenting his drawings on paper. Rutur is the title of one of the works exhibited. Most of these titles have been inspired by “The invisible cities” book by Italo Calvino. The cities on the book are entirely fictional but the artist does localize the spaces he chooses to reconstruct. This bond between influence and personal stamp make it worth the visit!

Schau Fenster – “The sum is whole than the part of its more” Opening – 7pm  

These installations and collages by Clemens Behr, Christopher Derek Bruno and Raby Florence Fofana are group-built works of art. They will create a thread between their pieces and, much like in a game, each will take their turn. These creations of patterns will fusion different vocabularies and tastes. Looks like we’ve got ‘experimental art’ covered for the week! 

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE – “1 year Anniversary” Party – 9pm 

We like celebrating our dear Berlin spaces and that’s why we are inviting you to join the party organized by Platoon Kunsthalle. This institution is turning one year old and would like to invite us once again for some container fun. Lineup looks interesting and varied, vive la fete!

Saturday July 20th, 2013    

Bootsbau – “M” Opening – 7:30pm 

Brooklinite Toby Goodshank is both a visual artist and a musician. He will be exhibiting his paintings inspired in his exploration of Berlin, the city he has been dwelling for the past months. His art is syncretic, surreal and influenced by science-fiction and horror. Let’s see how Berlin looks in the eyes of newcomer of great artistic trajectory. 

Chert – “Role Models” Performance – 8pm 

“Role Models” is the name of a group show presenting performances each Saturday in July. The artists present this Saturday are Suchan Kinoshita (Japan, 1960) and Inga Krüger (Deutschland, 1988) and they will work with a few props to make a live transmission with the help of a projector. Let's show up and see what we have to learn from them!

PSM – “Lizard Slim Moonlight Lounge” – 8pm 

Moonlight Lounge is also a series of one night shows with concerts and projections. A wholesome atmosphere is created to entice visitors. The invited artist is Nikolaus Suchentrunk who will present a visual performance followed by a concert and then a set where everybody is able to participate with their own favorite tracks. Looks like some democratic summer fun!

Article by Sofía Martinelli