Let’s Talk About Sex

“Another exhibition about sex?!” we hear you groan in exasperation, practically able to hear your eyes rolling from here. Yes, we know, except that this one takes a refreshing, much needed angle on the subject––viewing the topic from the woman’s point of view. Following in the footsteps of Tanja Leighton Gallery and their recent exhibition on the female gaze, Galerie im Körnerpark presents “Erogenous Zones,” a group show exhibiting the work of feminist art collective ff.

Third in a series entitled “Temporary Autonomous Zone,” the show brings together a series of events in conjunction with the artwork, providing a place not only for reflection but also for exchange of ideas. Making my way into the exhibition I was immediately greeted by a naked woman wearing only an apron and baking at a makeshift kitchen station.

Amelie Galerie Im Kornerpark Erogenous Zones Baking in the buff – Amelie in action at her perfromance at “Erogenous Zones.” Photo: Chris Phillips

Despite my initial cynicism and assumption that this was some ironic portrayal of women in modern day society, the performance “Amelie aus weichem süßem teig” was actualy much more. It served as an outward display of the artist Amelie’s confidence after years of body struggle as a result of society’s ideals; the cakes she baked in the form of a woman in a vulnerable, fetal position contained various fillings from candy to stones––projections of different facets of her personality. Standing in the exhibition proffering her baked goods, Amelie looked calm and confident, enjoying the experience. It may have taken a while, but she is at last happy with herself – “I’m hairy and overweight and happy with it.”  

Erogenous ZonesWhat if? Art enthusiast Michael Norton at Erogenous Zones. Photo: Chris Phillips