Let’s Paint The Town

Finding the cityscape dull? Want to add a splash of color? This Wednesday, you can. The folks at ARTCONNECT Berlin are preparing for their 4 day long birthday celebration with an Open Call to paint the streets. This is your chance to leave your (temporary) mark on Berlin. Come out and meet the coordinators of ARTCONNECT and other art enthusiasts in Berlin before the actual birthday bash gets underway. 

So, what can you paint…? Dragons, lions, condoms, blenders? Flowers, TVs, tea cups, fenders? Make-up, pumpkins, tree trunks, bee’s-nest? Tool box, lamb chop, Ryan Seacrest? Jasmine, incense, Christmas, crackers? Beetles, Cheadles, stop sign, Hackers? Romance, Bromance, palm tree, stripper? Mary Anne, Ginger, Gilligan, Skipper? I think you get the picture here. Harold and his purple crayon never had so much fun.

Show your support for ARTCONNECT Berlin, and help paint the town! And by that we mean the district Neukölln, where they are located. The event starts at 3pm so if you have to work, make your excuses (cough cough) and join ARTCONNECT Berlin for this afternoon of fun, sun (hopefully), and a whole lot of color!

ARTCONNECT Berlin Wednesday August 8th, 2012 -3pm