Let’s Get Drunk…..

Rotebete’s Art Crawl is tonight’s hot event which will tour around exhibitions in Berlin’s district, Kreuzberg! Rotebete is fast becoming one of the most tasty art-projects in Berlin and must  be geil because the Rotebete will be joining the Kartoffeln at Peter Pink’s exhibition in the program! The crowd will be crawling from Fräulein Wild with its tasty cakes to FIGO with its tasty potatoes and finally ending up partying late into the night at Herz!

Wild Things

All of the venues are part of Rotebete’s art project and the walls are covered works from emerging artists in Berlin for you to feast your eyes on whilst feasting upon various food and drink! The event starts at 4pm so why not clock off work a little early (…it is Friday and sunny after all!) and join the artparasites at Fräulein Wild where we will be enjoying (we think) a glass of fairy milk and a slice of the Cafe’s delicious cake before starting the crawl with the Rotebete gang and other art enthusiasts.

Vegetable Love

We are particularly excited about the union between beetroot and potato on the crawl to Peter Pink’s exhibition opening at FIGO, which is about “Revolution, Apocalypse, Freedom, Growth and last but not least Heaven and Hell”! It’s quite an interesting mix the mastermind behind potato art has in store for the opening and Pink never fails to surprise or excite!

 Running Late? Here’s the itinerary:
 rotebete art crawl