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Let Your Feet Fly And Your Mind Will Follow

Seven-time gold medalist runner Mo Farrah

Seven-time gold medalist runner Mo Farrah

Everytime I feel bad, mad, angry or sad, I run. It’s the only way I can cope with a certain situation. I feel the need to run and never look back. I run from my thoughts, I run from people, I run from myself sometimes.

The distance is of no importance, I just keep running even after I reach my destination. I once ran 40 kilometers around my city just to clear my head. I felt no fatigue, no muscular cramps, no loss of breath, no exhaustion. I had no sense of direction, I just jolted from my comfortably numb living room, put on a pair of shorts, my running shoes and off I went to venture the city at a fast pace.

I am not the kind of guy to strap a phone to his arm or listen to music when running, I prefer over-hearing bits of conversations, minding the traffic signals, sprinting and zig-zagging through groups of people, jumping over obstacles, trying to step only on the tiles of the pavement, without touching the lines between them, which sometimes can be very tricky, but it’s a great exercise.

I also spice my run with lateral running, switching feet to practice boxing leg work, backwards running, slow running versus top performance sprinting, fast walking, jumping, you name it, I try to do it.

I do not own jogging equipment like tight pants, air-ventilated shirts, heart-rate monitors or a strap band to keep sweat off my fore-head. I enjoy sweating, a fully wet T-shirt is an indication there’s something sexy developing underneath that fabric, that’s a good strong heart and healthy lungs.

My runs are straight-forward and I try to completely stay off the grid – that’s not phone, no familiar routes, no running partners at times. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy company when running and have run with people with various rhythms, have run in groups, have run marathons. My average run is about 10 kilometers with no stops, maybe only to cross the road.

Running helps me think things over when there’s too much happening all at once. I plug into my run completely, no short roads, no easy-does-its, no walks in the park.

I did a lot of research about running equipment, but I’m not a big fan of GPS tracking technology or other data driven apps, I just try to stick to the basics.

Searching for pro equipment, I stumbled upon Mo Farah’s story and the intensity of his training routine inspired me to invest my money in a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 running shoes from the maker’s website. I’m no professional runner, but the shoes are what you’d call magic. They basically enhance performance.

They get me from A to Z running through all the letters of the alphabet.

They let my feet fly.

My mind has wings when I run.

Written by Victor