Lessons On (Self) Love: How To Achive Freedom from Jealousy and Envy

Illustration by Dakota Bardy

Illustration by Dakota Bardy

Here’s the thing: there will always be people who will be better than you at things you’re best at. Also, there will be people who will be worse at things you’re bad at. The best thing is not let either the inferiority or superiority you feel get to your head.

FREE yourself from this stupid competition of being ‘better’ than somebody or rejoicing in being ‘better’ than somebody else. The ONLY person you should wish to compete with is YOURSELF.

Nobody else.

Everybody is running their own races, at their own speed. They have their own demons, their own hells. Everybody has their own drawbacks, their own strengths. Comparing yourself to ANYBODY is stupid. It’s like comparing pizza and computer and cruises.


Don’t compare yourself to others. They’re getting what they deserve, be it good or bad. Whatever you do in life will determine what you get back in life. Same goes for others.

DON’T associate your victories or losses with anybody but yourself.

Actually, help those who are worse than you and praise those who are better than you. You’ll be satisfied.

There will always be someone better than you, and there will always be someone worse than you.

Nothing is permanent. Changes take place so fast that your head will spin. Make the best of what you have, and what you can do.

Don’t sneer at the ones who are struggling at things you’re good at; don’t curse at the ones who are better at things you’re good at.


TALENT and hard work and dedication are very different things, which are ruled by good or bad luck.

You gotta understand each of them carefully and then decide the course that gives you the most satisfaction.

Oshin Ahlawat is a young poet and writer based in New Delhi, India. “I believe people who write are like tornados and cyclones. We wreck a lot of lives; for better or worse. It all depends on the people who read our work. They decide where the damage is going to be; the heart or the mind and whether it’s going to be for the good or for worse. I wish to give them the choice to decide that. I’m just going to focus on doing what I want”, she says. 

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