Last Chance Tour until 24th March

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Last Chance Tour until 24th March

  • Contemporary Fine Arts GmbH Marcel Eichner, Dash Snow
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  • Kienzle Art Foundation Klaus Merkel – “early 80s / later 80s”
    Exploring painting concepts in the 80s…its not all black and white!
  • Galerie Axel Obiger Ralf Bittner, Martin Eberle, Wolfram Hahn, Vadim Schaeffler, Karen Stuke – “SATELLIT # 2- GROGGY.”
    Exhausted by the day to day grind of modern life? So are these guys!
  • Galerie Hamish Morrison Group Exhibition “Seeing Red”
    Alert! If you haven’t seen red yet the exhibition is closing this weekend.
  • Galerie Sandmann Aleksandra Koneva – “Aleksandra Koneva. We are fine”
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  • Stedefreund Kerstin Gottschalk, Marcel Prüfert – “Spread Sheets”
    Don’t miss the first chapter of the series of exhibitions “difference a bend”!
  • U37 – Raum für Kunst Veronica Brovall – “Logical Sex”
    See if you can find the logic in these sculptures!
  • Uqbar Romana Schmalisch – “Dom Kino”
    These films exploring movement won’t be there for much longer so you had better get a move on if you want to see it!