Last Call! Gerhard Richter Editions and Panorama

As we reported from the opening day of the Editions:1965-2011 exhibition at Me Collectors Room, the span and scope of Gerhard Richter’s work is absolutely stunning. From photographic and digital prints to canvas that attest to massive metal squeegee devices administering and taking away paint in just the right places. If you have no idea what a squeegee is or could be, me Collectors Room has a Richter documentary screening to elucidate this paint-mechanism for viewers. All in all, our review gave the Editions exhibit a 10 on the Richter Scale

Parallel to Editions, Neue Nationalgalerie has also been hosting an exhibition entitled “Gerhard Richter: Panorama.” The additional 150 paintings and sculptures in the Panorama exhibition complement the 150 editions on display at me Collectors Room. Richter’s following and admiration amongst art lovers and connoisseurs is absolutely clear even from outside of the Neue Nationalgalerie – there is almost always a line of people wrapped around the building, meaning that the waiting time could take an hour or more. But when you see the faces of people who come out of the exhibit – joyful smiles and eyes a bit dazed with wonder – you realize just how worth it it is to see the artwork of the artistic mastermind Richter, especially in this scope and in person. 

Sunday, May 13th, is alas the final day of both exhibitions. Do yourself a favor, and head out to both as soon as possible! Me Collector’s Room would be a good place to start and get your excitement going for waiting out the line at Neue Nationalgalerie. We promise, it’s more than worth it.

  •  Me Collectors Room Gerhard Richter, Editions: 1965-2011,  February 12th – May 13th 2012, Tue-Sun: 12am-6pm
  •  Neue Nationalgalerie Gerhard Richter: Panorama, Febraury 12th – May 13th, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-6pm, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 9am-10pm