Lamiaa Ameen (Egypt): How My Entire Life Has Changed After Being Featured On ArtParasites

Illustration by  Lamiaa Ameen

Illustration by Lamiaa Ameen

Lamiaa Ameen is a designer living in Cairo, Egypt. She also studies advertising, psychology and art. After having worked as an illustrator, sometimes copywriter since 2009, she married an interior designer and continued to dedicate her art to exploring universal emotions. We asked her to go in deep about her experience of creating in various joint campaigns with ArtParasites:


“I love art as it my only way to say what i feel or to document situations happening to me that leave a mark in my life or teach me something. I am very passionate about books and foreign movies, especially drama.


When Berlin ArtParasites crawled into my life, suffice it to say that a lot changed – both within me and around me.

Ever since the earliest interactions between us, in which I would praise their featured work and send them some of my own illustrations from time to time, they would be incredibly supportive and encouraging. What is most noteworthy is how they never failed to push me, as well as inspire me at the same time. At times, the inspiration would come in the form of articles sent for me to read and illustrate for– through this, I got richer by accumulating experience out of others’ words which is something I will forever cherish.

After that feature, my work got featured in other big media like ScoopEmpire or Cairo Scene.

I had new offers from galleries to sell my work, like “Art Talks Cairo” and I showcased my designs in a couple of exhibitions like Cairo Comics.

Then I had an offer to do an album cover for BESWORX.

Illustration by Lamiaa Ameen

Illustration by Lamiaa Ameen

Yes, Berlin ArtParasites featuring my work gave me more of a name in my community… I started getting more well-known as well as more work and became some sort of a pillar of inspiration for others, and that in itself is absolutely amazing. However, the unparalleled encouragement and inspiration that the people behind Berlin ArtParasites threw my way, provided me with the tools to discover the already existing confidence within me and my work, allowing it to shine all the more”.