Korean Paper, Flying Colours and More Openings

Thursday 7th Openings:

Gestalten KLUB7 “Easy as Pie” 6 – 9pm

Berlin art-collective KLUB7 present their urban, pop and comic art in their latest exhibition “Easy as Pie”. With a focus on chalk drawings but will also exhibit other works including limited silkscreen prints on display  and for sale!

Exile Kazuko Miyamoto “Live End Dream No” 7 – 10pm

Exile has said goodbye to Ze Coupel and “A secret selection of works” are now opening at the art space!

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Friday 8th Openings:

quiet cue Maria Group Exhibition “Floating Rooms” 7pm

In its first exhibition at the enlarged space, quiet cue presents the individual works of a group of artists whose works come together and form memories or feelings.

Galerie Michael Janssen
Group Exhibition “FLOW – Indonesian Contemporary Art” 6 – 9pm
Indonesian curator Rifky Effendy, brings together a whole range of different artists and art in this exhibition. Indonesia is known for its beautiful and traditional art, so it will be exciting to see what new art in the country is like.

Julia Bornfeld “Diktat des Metronoms” 6 – 9pm
Galerie Michael Jannsen has two openings tonight, this mean more art, more artists and more party!

Center Hanna-Mari Blencke “K. versuchte mir seine Welt zu beweisen” 7pm

This interesting art-space in Schöneberg, holds a great opening party and we are looking forward to seeing how the crazy space holds the works of Hanna-Mari Blencke!

Galerie Funke Sabine Wewer “INSOMNIA” 7 – 10pm
Stop trying to sleep and experience the art of Sabine Wewer at Funke. Her paintings hold a certain abstract and otherworldly feeling – it’s time to get lost!

gallery torstrasse 161 Wolfgang Zandt On the Edge: The World in Transition” 7pm
A world in transition between new and old in these paintings filled with imagery and movement. Continue the celebrations after the show with the after party!

Souterrain Cara Benedetto and Douglas Boatwright “G.B.M.F” 6 – 9pm
New York based Benedetto and Berlin based Boatwright come together in this exhibition, combining text and voice.

Galerie Albrecht Huang Yuan Qing 6 – 9pm
Chinese artist Huang Yuan Qing will be at the opening for his “postitive” paintings. The floating, flying colours of the paintings will be accompanied by a talk at 7pm by the director of the museum for oriental art in Berlin.

Infernoesque Surya Gied “This Is Original Korean Paper” 6 – 10pm

Not only can you meet the artist behind the drawings from Seoul, but you can also eat Kim Bap with her! We are already hungry for the opening!

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Saturday 9th Openings:

Galerie bauchhund Adler A.F “Endstation Trash Paradies” 8pm

How do you see Berlin’s newest “trendy” district Neukölln? This exhibition of Adler’s “trash art” will look at the question “Neukölln: tres chic or trashy?” through paintings, installation and performance.