Kaleidoscopic Daydreams

Before entering the gallery I didn’t know I would be stuck in BQ‘s rooms for one hour. Indeed Matti Braun’s new works are simply hypnotic. On several silk canvases of different dimensions, a mix of bright colors creates images, sensations and recalls memories in the mind of each spectator.

Blurred inspirations
The artist used textile colors on silk, putting the canvases on the floor and dripping the colors on top of them, exploiting the incredibly fast absorption rate of the material. In this way the juxtaposition is still captured by more or less defined spots of color, but the blurry borders from one color to the next is what makes the subject so interesting and potentially inspirational for the spectator’s fantastical mind.
 Matti Braun Installations
Matti Braun installation view, Courtesy of BQ, Photo: Roman März

Color drugs
As I said before, I didn’t imagine I would stay so long in the small gallery in Rosa-Luxemburg-platz. But I just couldn’t stop admiring the wonderful colors that captured my eyes, creating an addicting daydream feeling. The second room has a huge wall-window that changes appearances depending on the show — a peculiarity of the gallery, and a definite challenge for the artists. In fact the gallerist always pushes the artists to create something new especially for that special location, which becomes a possibility for strong interaction with viewers from the outside.
A beautiful view
Matti Braun created a magical environment by covering the window with a transparent colored textile. Colored spots are still the protagonists, but against the outside daylight, the profile of trees and buildings get colored themselves, creating for this one room in particular the most colorful city view ever. Stepping out of the gallery, a bright ray of sunlight blinds my eyes for a few seconds. Initially confused I soon recognize that Braun’s visions are very similar to those incredible, and yet inexpressible, amazing images we see whenever we rub our eyes.

  • BQ –  “Mattia Braun – Ave Vala” February 13th – March 3rd 2012, Tue-Sat: 11am-6pm