Jumping The Hurdle

This week New York University (NYU) has sent over some of it’s finest Master’s of Arts students to exhibit as a group in Berlin at Autocenter. We sent over our very own NY-born writer, Victoria Anderson, to delve into the exhibition and meet some of the artists. From quite athletic performance arts to a deeper examination of art programs in schools, here is what she experienced:

On Thursday evening I found myself winding through the strip malls of Storkowerstrasse S-Bahn station looking for Autocenter, an independent art space situated above a LIDL supermarket. I was on my way to see an exhibition from New York University’s Studio Art MA program and was not expecting the night to be as enlightening as it was.

Fine Arts education has become the common path for the young artist today trying to build a career. Moving past a bachelor degree onto an MA or MFA is considered an important step. Of the many programs to choose from, more and more schools are offering residency style courses, where the focus is on concentrated studio work, rather than teaching. The students in NYU’s MA program spend 3 summers doing 6 week long intensive residencies either in New York or Berlin. The artists work in a shared space where they are encouraged to act as professional artists would, immersing themselves in their art practice and creating as much work as possible. The artists are working hard over these 6 weeks, all towards the same goal: The final exhibition.

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