It’s Never Time To Clean Up

We know, we know… Berlin Art Week could not possibly have been long enough – and it wasn’t even a full week! For those of you who had to spend most of the time working, or who weren’t able to make it out to some of the top art exhibitions popping up all over the city, we’ve made a “Best Of Berlin Art Week Tour” so that you can continue to visit these rivetting exhibitions. From the large (and official) Berlin Art Week institutions to highly active and influential art spaces that make the Berlin art scene what it is, these are our recommended exhibitions. Enjoy!

 me Collectors Room “ART & TOYS” by Selim Varol. Open Daily: 12pm-6pm (Running until October 14th 2012)

Turkish-born collector Selim Varol proves that no matter what age, we still love toys… and a handful of toys definitely goes well with an impressive collection of street art! If you still haven’t seen his pop surrealist exhibit at me Collectors, you definitely need to head down to me Collectors Room and see his collection of over 15,000 figures and street art relics, the largest collection in Europe! 

 re:MMX Project Re-Launch. Open Fri-Sun: 2pm-8pm (Running until October 12th 2012)

The former art space MMX is now re-launching itself under the auspices of re:MMX. Be sure to catch this all-encompassing art show with sound sculptures, indoor and outdoor video works, a circadian light room (blinding, invigorating and impressive), urban art, photography and painting. There is also a video box program dealing with growing urbanism and construction running daily from 5pm-10pm (a new video introduced each Friday), hoisted up in a massive shipping container in the front yard. Get lost in this incredible space that really captures the essence of the Berlin art scene. The street art duo JBAK (pictured above) is featured in various corners of this exhibition.

C/O Berlin “Common Places” Jörg Sasse. Open Daily: 11am-8pm (Running until October 28th 2012)

Photographer/genius Jörg Sasse takes ordinary objects and transforms them into something greater than themselves. The exhibit causes one to think, what significance do the material objects in our life have? Sasse’s photos are beautiful and also intellectually stimulating..what could be better?

Hamburger Bahnhof – “Secret Universe.” Open Tues-Friday: 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 11am-6pm (Running until October 14th 2012) 
We continue to challenge your perceptions of beauty taking you to Hamburger Bahnhof for a creepy exhibition. “Secret Universe” unites the photos of an artist who studied anatomy books and costume history in order to give birth to weird dolls and photograph them in true-to-life situations.

Berlinische Galerie “Kunst in Berlin 1880-1980” and “Forst.” Open Weds-Mon: 10am-6pm. (“Forst” running until October 8th 2012)

Berlinische Galerie is definitely not to be missed – no matter the exhibition on display, the content always fits the space perfectly. One of the current exhibitions, Michael Sailstorfer‘s “Forst,” is particularly captivating – five trees hoisted upside down and hanging from the 10 meter ceiling, slowly rotating on their axis. Then be sure to check out the glory of Berlin art with a permanent, chronological exhibition of work all the way back to 1880 with themes anywhere from Eastern European avant-garde to Berlin Dada. Notable artists include Otto DixHeinrich ZilleEl Lissitzky, and many more!

 Skalitzers Contemporary Art – Skalitzers Preview. Open Weds-Sat: 1pm-7pm. (Running until September 29th 2012)
They left their cosy gallery in Kreuzberg and have been working all summer to renovate a huge space (360sqm!) in Friedrichshain. Now finally open, their current exhibition showcases a selection of works from Skalitzers artists between 2009 and 2012, as
well as the gallery’s permanent collection – displayed for the first time.

Stattbad Wedding – “Echoes of Voices in the High Towers” – Robert Montgomery. Open Weds-Sat: 2pm-7pm. (Running until October 13th 2012)

Check out what Neue Berliner Räume and British artist Robert Montgomery are up to! Montgomonery’s signature artworks of large scale outdoor installations such as large light sculptures at Tempelhof and advertising and billboard spaces around the city are now on exhibition in the big pool at Stattbad Wedding! Particularly interesting for those into the merging of poetics and visual arts.

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