It’s a Colourful Life

Thursday 14th Openings:

Galerie Cubus-m Group Exhibition “documentale 14: die editionen”, 7pm
The documentale is a travelling exhibition and this weekend will be setting up at Galerie Cubus-m under this years exhibition motto: Low tide instead of flood (Ebbe statt Flut).

Galerie Hiltawsky Michael Zibold “Passagen”, 7pm
Michael Zibold’s photography is really captivating, it seems somewhat distant and nostalgic but at the same time extremely real. The selection of works in this exhibition “Passagen” (Passages) focuses on port-cities around the world.

Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Alfredo Jaar “The Way it is. An Aesthetics of Resistance”, 7pm
Three galleries, one exhibition! This exhibition of Chilean artist Jaar’s works, looks set to be huge as it is spread over three different galleries, the NGBK, Berlishische Galerie and the Alte National Galerie. Once you have visited the opening at NGBK at 7pm why not head to the later opening at Berlinische Galerie!

Berlinische Galerie Alfredo Jaar “The Way it is. An Aesthetics of Resistance”, 8:30pm
The Berlinische Galerie will focus on Jaar’s works which were created in or for the beautiful city of Berlin, and will include photography around the Brandenburg Gate when the wall came down and has never been displayed before!

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Friday 15th Openings:

Vergoldung Albrecht Wild “und wehe Du stellst Dein Glas hier ab”, 6pm
If you are one of the many people who can’t resist nabbing as many beermats from the bar as possible, then be warned: these beermats are not for stealing! In fact they are the art of Albrecht Wild, and you might hardly recognise the crazy works as what they are made of!

Zweigstelle Group Exhibition “TORONTO/BERLIN 1982 – 2012”, 7pm
Different forms of drawings and animations by 38 Canadian artists from Toronto will be exhibiting at Zweigstelle, from up-and-coming to established artists.

FELDBUSCHWIESNER Att Poomtangon “The Devil is in the Detail”, 6 – 9pm
Thai conceptual artist Poomtangon’s “playful” exhibition cleverly and ironically explores the ideas of environment, economy and society. Whilst that all sounds pretty heavy, it seems like the exhibition will also be a lot of fun!

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On top of these exhibition openings, don’t forget that this weekend is 48 Hours Neukölln, the most exciting art festival in Berlin’s trendy district of Neuölln. There will be lots of exhibition openings, street installations and art performances……keep your eyes open for our sneak peak of what you must see at this 48-hour-long event!