Is Berlin Fashion Week More Than Pretty Faces?

Just when I thought nothing could possibly top the utter insanity of Berlin Art Week, all of the online hype about Berlin Fashion Week has once again driven me just to the brink of hysteria. From parties, to designer pop-ups, exhibition openings and runway shows, I am preparing for my first ever foray into the world of high fashion while still mentally avoiding the subject of how on earth I am going to fit into my vintage burgundy leather pencil skirt. But just as I am about to resort to a cottage cheese crash diet, a dissenting opinion from fashion journalist-turned-gallerist Daniele Mancinetti gives me reason to pause. 

“I am not expecting to see anything at Berlin Fashion Week; to be honest it’s just a lost battle,” Mancinetti said. “People make such a fuss about Berlin Fashion Week when at the end of the day I just don’t think there’s any point.” Had it been from another source I would have probably protested and tried to defend Berlin’s fashionable honor, but when it comes to the fashion world, Mancinetti is about as well-connected a specimen you can hope to find in Berlin having worked as a stylist for eight years and as editor of Geil Magazine for four years. 
Fashion Behind the Scenes

Although Mancinetti has now shifted his focus from the fashion world to fine arts with his gallery in Mitte, Mila Kunstgalerie, he continues to garner an interest in fashion. This dual interest is evident this week in particular with a highly anticipated photography exhibition by his personal friend, V Magazine photographer JD Ferguson entitled “Backstage Pass.” Never one to exude false modesty, Mancinetti claims that his exhibition is the best place, no, correction: the only place to be during Berlin Fashion Week. He certainly sets a high standard, but with fashion world heavy weights such as Steven Kolb, the president of CFDA, and others flying in for the event, the show remains promising.