Introducing Artparasite Fan Stephanie Moeller

Just in time for Gallery Weekend, we randomly picked one of our latest fans and she just happens to run a gallery that will be taking part in this marvelous weekend. Read below to find out more… from what makes Berlin so interesting to what bagel tastes the best!

BAPS:  Are you originally from Berlin, if not, whereabouts are you from?

SM:  Raised in London and NYC by my French Mom and German Dad.

BAPS: Tell us a little bit about yourself: how do you spend most of your  days, what do you live for?

SM: It’s all about the gallery for me. It’s  my baby. When not working, I’m an wannabe landscape photographer much  inspired by Simon Norfolk.

BAPS: How did you first encounter berlin-artparasites?

SM: Your column on  Gallery Weekend, which illustrated our Otto Piene “Light Ballett,”
(1969) which looks stunning, by the way.

BAPS: Most memorable gallery experience in Berlin?

SM: The grand opening of  Moeller Fine Art Berlin.

BAPS: You grew up in both London and NYC, two very vibrant art cities,  what about the Berlin art scene distinguishes it, why did you choose to  open a gallery here?

SM: Home to many of the most interesting living artists, galleries and museums, Berlin’s art world seems to be lacking only in the area of art collectors. We are ‘poor, but sexy’ says our mayor Klaus Wowereit.  And to the semi-chagrin of gallerists like myself, poor but sexy is the way most Berliners would like to keep it. This is a city of dreamers, past traumas and palpable momentum.  That is what brought me here from New York 4 years ago.

BAPS: What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?
SM: Re-introducing friends of the gallery to light, kinetic, and op art of  the 60s.

BAPS: Yes! We are excited for the Howard Wise tribute exhibition, opening tonight under the umbrella of Gallery Weekend. What can visitors expect… In 4-5  words?

SM: Motion, energy, light, rhythm, and “psychedelevision”

BAPS: BAGL is also happening this weekend in Berlin… what is your favorite  kind of bagel?

SM: Ha. An everything bagel. Ideally from Montreal’s  Freemont Bagels.

BAPS: Preference: Cats or dogs?

SM: Dogs.

Thanks, Stephanie! Check out the opening of Howard Wise at Moeller Fine Art Berlin, April 27th: 6-9pm and April 28th-29th: 11am-7pm