Into The Spotlight

It is back in Berlin! No, I am not referring to the fabled cheap housing, nor artist squats of the past, but BYOB. Even more exciting than the standard drinking-oriented BYOB, Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin is an interactive art event jam-packed with non-stop sensory stimulation. Lasting for one-night only, this event promises to be this weekend’s best art party.

Initiated and created by digital artist Rafaël Rozendaal in Berlin two years ago, BYOB has traveled to over 50 cities around the world and is now back home with a vengeance. Featuring generative and moving image artworks by more than thirty artists, the event will transform PLATOON into a giant interactive object yearning for you to touch it. An FYI for those out of the loop: generative art generally refers to pieces of art created by autonomous systems, such as computers. Can such non-human agents really create art? Let us know after you check out BYOB.

Conspiracy theories

Although details on the specific interactive installations are currently on the down low, we are tingling with excitement to see the works of a few artists in particular. Anthony Antonellis, for one, is convinced that he has “discovered the existence of time traveling bandits who steal your original thoughts.” Antonellis claims that you are actually the creator of all of the brilliant ideas you read in books or the magnificent works of art hanging in museums. If these are the concepts that he is spouting on the interwebs, we can’t wait to see what wacky works he will create on Friday.

Nerd alert

Meanwhile, German artist Eno Henze explores thetopology between art, science and philosophy” by using his computer to create visually impressive simulations of scientific occurrences, such as the path subatomic particles leave after collision. Sound a little heavy? We promise the visual result is beautifully simple and mesmerizing. Then we recommend that you check out the magical and psychedelic collage-like videos created by Aurora Halal. Finally, Tunisian artist Haythem Zakaria is a “live cinema” aficionado and uses real time for most of his works. Lucky you – Friday is your chance to become the star of Zakaria’s latest interactive work.

To cap the night off, music will flow all night from the turntables of Milton Bradley. Don’t miss this spectacle of the moving image!

Article by Patricia Restrepo