Interview with James Bullough

Berlin’s street art scene is famous world wide for its quality and for its quantity! You can hardly walk a step without finding something new and exciting. An intriguing aspect to the street art culture is also its annonymity. When you see a piece you wonder who its by and what sort of a person they are.  Especially the enormous pieces that scale an entire wall. 

Have you seen this piece before?

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If not, then head to Turinerstrasse 19, where it watches over the street and cemetery.  It’s one of those impressive pieces thats so big you just think, how was that created! Well let berlin-artparasites introduce one of the men behind it. James Bullough met Lia Baroni whilst he was painting this piece for the Wedding Walls 2011 closing mural! Not an interview for the faint hearted high up in the scaffolding but an interesting artist whose positive view on art and life is contagious: here’s a person that knows what he want’s and how to achieve it! Just remember……don’t look down!