In Queue: Interview With Beatriz Crespo

A total of 2,146 works of art have been submitted as part of the “Macht Kunst” exhibition at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. After three days of collecting art, the long lines and the uncooperative weather, the exhibition finally goes up today. But before getting there, BAPs caught up with one of the lucky artists forming part of this first exhibition: painter Beatriz Crespo. Here is what she had to say about her experience with the process:

BAPs: So how did you find out about the event?

BC: Some colleagues of mine were talking about this; it had been receiving much mouth-to-mouth advertisement.

BAPs: Did you know right away you’d partake in the thousand-person march or did you have second thoughts?

BC: I listened to my colleagues talk about the pros and cons of partaking in the event, so I decided to read carefully the terms and conditions of the open call on the website before ultimately deciding to be a part of it.

BAPs: What was your main incentive to be a part of this exhibition?

BC: The reasons can be many. I find it interesting to see pieces of work surrounded by very different ones. I guess it is going to be something quite different from seeing them in solo exhibitions. It’s going to give me interesting feedback from the viewers. The experience will perhaps open some questions or maybe lead me to set new points of view over the work.

BAPs: What piece did you chose for the show and why?

BC: I chose my “Left Hand Ballade,” which is going to be the main painting of my next solo show. After breaking my right hand in an accident, I pushed myself to paint with the left hand. The results were passionate and expressionist paintings. This one is the protagonist at the moment; the strong presence he has was key for choosing him. 

beatriz-crespoBeatriz Crespo’s submission: “Left Hand Ballade” mixed media, 109 x 111 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

BAPs: How long did you end up waiting in line, and how did you manage to pass the time?

BC: It was four hours in total. I arrived at 9:20am with the doors set to open at 10am. I went with some of my colleagues. It was very cold out there but there was also a very nice atmosphere of fraternity and cordiality between artists and creative souls. You could feel the positive vibrations in the air. It was nice to share conversations and interchange ideas or just joke with the artists nearby and the ones passing by.