In Pictures: Gallery Weekend

Thank you to all the artparasites who submitted photos to our Gallery Weekend Photo Contest! It’s great to look through another lens. Below are photos from four artparasites who went to both official and “unofficial” Gallery Weekend events. From graffiti street art occupying a former bar space to an elegant Grunewald palace. As you can see, the Berlin art jungle is quite thriving. 

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Jenny Holzer at Sprüth Magers

Jenny Holzer, Spruth Mager Gallery, Gallery Weekend

Photographer: Iwan Yamin

Tilman Hornig at Galerie Gebr. Lehmann

Tilman Hornig, Gebr. Lehmann, Gallery Weekend, Berlin

Photographer: Iwan Yamin

“Memento” Installation Shot at St. Johannes Evangelist Kirche Installation, sculpture, St.-Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche

 Photographer: Janine Bean

“Memento” Installation Shot Take 2

Memento Installation, Gallery Weekend, Janine Bean

Photographer: Janine Bean

Christian Awe Art Event at Loewen Palais Salon

Loewen Palais Berlin

Photographer: Christian Din Thomas 

 Loewen Palais Salon Take 2

Christian Din Thomas, Loewen Palais Salon

  Photographer: Christian Din Thomas

Nug Graffiti Hit and Run, April 27th 2012

Nug, Black Enough For You, Gallery Weekend, Berlin

Photographer: Philip Husemann 

 Nug Graffit Hit and Run: The Evidence

Nug Graffiti Artist, Berlin Gallery Weekend

 Photographer: Philip Husemann