In Full Daylight

Anyone who happens to be walking through just about any Berlin park knows that they are bound to be hounded by drug dealers – calling out from park benches or passing by on bikes, there’s just no way to avoid it. Görlitzer Park is no exception and we find ourselves cautiously making our way through the park with French visual and audio artists Jacques-André Dupont and Clément Destephen as we try to avoid the almost cat-like calls.  Jacques and Clément laugh as they reminisce and realize that this is actually where they first met a year or so ago in Berlin – under different circumstances, of course. Now both artists collaborate on audio-visual installations together – each bringing their unique artistic expertise into the mix. As they are preparing for their next opening at ACUD this week – there is no better time to meetup and see the creative energy flowing.

ParkJacques, Clément and Julie Anne stroll through Görlitzer Park and enjoying the urban art scenery. 

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