“I Find Animal Beauty In Men”

I meet painter Beatriz Crespo at her studio, which is nestled away in the warren of studios at Superkubus in Neukölln. She has laid out snacks and coffee, and flutters excitedly around the space, offering me biscuits and then reclining in an armchair before perching on a stool and animatedly talking about her latest trip to Poland.
She starts describing her latest project which involves her friend who she had gone to visit, a dancer. Mainly concentrating on painting male portraits, Beatriz explains; “We have a nice relationship because we see the important things in life, there is something in all the arts about what it is to be an artist. I think I can paint everyone but I’ve already tried with him 5 times and there’s something I can’t catch; it’s a challenge!”

Beatriz CrespoThe right brush makes all the difference – painter Beatriz Crespo. Photo: Chris Phillips

Her enthusiasm bubbles visibly, eyes twinkling and teeth flashing as she smiles, before going on to describe her successful search for paintbrushes whilst in Poland. “I was looking for specific brushes when I left because I cant get them here. I need something really wide, but when I buy them here they’re really thick! I need brushes like knife edges so I can be like…” at this point she flicks her wrist at different angles, making energetic paintbrush gestures.
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