How To Fix Unrequited Love

Artwork by Anders Røkkum

Artwork by Anders Røkkum


There are two steps on how to successfully forget and move on from someone you like or love but will never ever reciprocate your feelings towards him/her.

Step 1. Do the stupidest things you have been dying to do for him/her. Be the sweetest person you can get. Buy him/her souvenirs from your holiday getaway. Give him/her an instax photo of you. Suddenly hold his/her hand the very first time you will meet. Ask him out for a movie date and sing your hearts out in a karaoke. Write poems about him/her. Write him/her a thank you letter with the things you have learned from him/her. Talk to him/her everyday even if he/she is not that interested with your stories. Ask his/her friend for his number and greet him/her on his/her birthday via international call. Tell him/her you miss him/her and get a good night as a response. Lift up yourself, hang your heart and hope he’ll/she’ll catch you once you started falling. Immune your vulnerable heart with hurtings from his/her indifference. In short, torture yourself.

Step 2. Cut your communications with him/her, abruptly. Unfollow him/her. Fight the urge to visit his/her profile. Don’t even click the “like” button. Whenever you feel like doing so, divert your attention. Do something worthy. Focus on work. Meet your friends. Write a blog. Watch a movie. Read a book. Work out. Learn how to bake or cook. Do things you never did before. Or, do the things you have stopped doing because of him/her. There are so much more to do than investing your time thinking of someone who is just not into you. In short, love yourself.

In love, you don’t need to lose yourself. You should find your another self instead. 

#ReaderSubmission by polavianka