How To Make The Real Italian Coffee

After leaving Italy and spending 33 days traveling by motor bike around Eastern Europe, Stefano Bosis finally reached Berlin and decided to settle here for some years to practice his art. As he describes it, it wasn't he who found his new place, but rather his apartment and studio found him. Having traveled around the world with a fascination for art and performance art, Bosis initially started out as a street artist in Barcelona, only to later become an actor, then a fire fighter, and finally, an artist making his way in Berlin.  

I met with him on a particularly scorching hot Sunday afternoon to discuss the philosophy and yearning behind his artwork and portraits in particular. But first, Bosis insisted that he must show me how to make the real Italian coffee before offering me an Amaro Montenegro which we happily sipped on his balcony. Check out our interview to see the magic that emanates from Bosis and the art of making real Italian coffee – all caught on video! 

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