How can I go on like this?

Digital painting by  xhxix

Digital painting by xhxix

What I fear about this poetry is the cadence
Of rhythm breaking life long sentences
That grant no parole, but solitary solace
Swift climax, the far and few between

That raise the bar of expectation so ever
Slightly above your chin it almost makes
Ones present gasp for air or grasp for
Their lives as they reach the upper utmost
Despair echelons of their existence

Death aims to please everyone
It is far-reaching and treacherous
It arises out of thin air to lower the veil

Not to unveil, but to convey its presence

To make ones present refrain from thinking
That highly of themselves, to lower one
Into submission, to make one wear its
Penchant around for ages or days

Those hard times

Times ones writhe counting seconds
In anticipation of a warm embrace
A moment of personal confinement

Times ones may go gentle into that good night
Times that lift the veil of light onto
The wonders of childbirth

Life aims to please everyone
However it does not.

Like this great speech that does no
Good to anyone, but great to all

Like this penchant I carry with me
Around my neck for keeper’s faith
Like this pen chant one should sing

All but flat, all but none.

Andrei Nico