House of Ladosha: Artists Wearing More Than One Hat

The opening of House of Ladosha’s collective “The Whole House Eats” at Superchief Gallery on February 7th went H.A.M as the press release page promised. Curator and house member Chris Udemezue (Neon Christina Ladosha) assembled a selection of pieces that reflected the idea of the “house” as presented in the documentary “Paris is Burning.” 

The varied works reconstructed of the expected meaning of a home coded into our minds since grade school. The collective, in calling themselves a house, are devising an artistic collaborative environment, supporting and creating multimedia works that embrace the concepts of race, sexuality, and gender here, now, in this city, everywhere, always. The artists interpreted the meaning of “ball” culture, a series of talent competitions as seen in the documentary, through multimedia video works, drawings, and text pieces. For sale were also speciality items like T-shirts depicting pictures of Hannibal Lector with the “Whole House Eats” written underneath.


The opening was followed by a live performance by Cunty Crawford Ladosha and Dosha Devastation, which left everyone hot and drenched in sweat. In fact, I’ve never been so damp and yet happy about it. To my complete fangirl delight Zebra Katz and Le1f were amongst the attendees and if I were I a braver soul I would have made their acquaintance. At one point during their set Dosha Devastation made a good point of asking if anyone has actually looked at the art, which was a valid difficulty since the space was packed and overflowing. It would have been suffocating were not everyone waiting excitedly for the night to be capped off and hear “Rollin,” which Le1f put on his Opening Ceremony remix.

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