Holla Back: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

It’s that time of the week again and we got your art/party needs covered (Berlinale is certainly not the only thing happening this weekend). This time around we highlight urban-photography, animation & video, sculpture, drawing, painting–pretty much every medium, really– and even a Valentine’s Day party only for singles! Don’t miss out on the fun, check out these great events below:

Thursday February 14th, 2013

Eigen + Art Lab – “Animation and Video Works” Opening – 5-9pm

A promising exhibition you can visit with or without a significant other. Katie Armstrong, an exciting young artist from New York, is curating this exhibition of nine international artists. Check out the following artist links and you’ll see why we’re so excited about this exhibition: Greg Barth, Matty Brown, Jake Fried, David O’Reilly, Sean Pecknold, Julia Pott, Celia Rowlson-Hall, & Shishi Yamazaki.

Geist im Glas – Fuck Valentine’s Day Singles Party! –7pm

Single and want to mingle? Neukölln’s very own Geist im Glas is where the party is at today. Fuck Valentine’s Day anyway, right? It’s just consumerist holiday and byproduct of a capitalist society that that has made love, like anything else, into a commodity – I’m not only saying that because I’m single, right?  

Platoon Kunsthalle – DONNERSTAGSBAR with FOOOL – 9pm

If you already know about Platoon Kunsthalle then you know they’re not just another experimental space for artists and creatives but much more. This event might be a great introduction and opportunity to get afiliated with their network. Check out this clip from a recent “Donnerstagsbar: Platoon members & friends night” to get a feel of what to expect. This time Berlin’s Foool will provide the night’s soundtrack. Getting on the guest list is easy: just join the facebook event and you’re ready to go! 

Friday February 15th, 2013

Christian Ehrentraut – “Drawing without Drawing” Opening – 5-9pm

It’s four for the price of one at Christian Ehrentraut gallery tonight: the works of Jörres KlausDavid MurphyViktor Timofeev & Michael Bevilacqua. If you’re interested in the medium of drawing, you now know where to go. But warning: don’t forget we’re in the 21st century and our ideas of “drawing” have long moved away from the classical standard. I mean, the title couldn’t be more clear!

Janine Bean Gallery – “Girls” Opening – 6pm

The sculptor Peter Simon Mühlhäußer is exhibiting his latest body of work – a series that is captivating for its aesthetic qualities and impressive in its dexterity but also completely inappropriate in its eroticism. How? Go check out the exhibition. You’ll see why these bronze sculptures are traps that will make you want to keep looking but also feel odd/wrong in doing so.

Stattbad Berlin – “Letters from Aleppo” Opening – 6pm [Entrance: €3]

Berlin’s own Just, an urban photographer, showcases his latest work. It’s a two part exhibition, one that includes his photographic journeys into the urban life of Berlin, Hamburg, the Ruhr-Area, Poland, NYC, Tel-Aviv, and Bangkok. The second part is a multi-sensorial installation of photographs, letters, and an accompanying soundscape that aims at capturing the sense of reality from his time spent in Syria recently. Entrance to this exhibition is €3 and definetely worth it.

Contemporary Fine Arts – “The Transubstantial Bruce” Opening – 6-8pm

The Brooklyn-based anonymous collective Bruce High Quality Foundation is here in Berlin and ready to play. Nobody knows who they are. We only know that they’ve been witty and creative since 2004. The group takes the name from the fictional artist Bruce High Quality, who allegedly perished in the 9/11 attacks. This exhibition explores Bruce’s spiritual concerns. Expect to see some subversive performances, lots of humor, and perhaps a substantial (or transubstantial) thought or two.

Saturday February 16th, 2013

Kwadrat – Timo Klöppel’s “Lateinisches Land”  Opening – 5-10pm

Timo Klöppel specializes is clashing the internal and external. His arquitectural structures are used as containers for internal states of mind. Klöppel’s concern is the intangible soul but his materials are the tangible mundane. Contemplative and serene, what Timo captures in his work can only be experienced in the presence of it. Five hours of this opening should offer you plenty of time for that!


Kreuzberg Pavillon – Uh, Oh! #404 – 8pm-12am

Three new media artists from Leipzig are responsible for this exhibition that comes with an ERROR message. Tine Günther, Marian Luft, and Ronny Szillo are exhibiting their latest multi-sensorial insallation full of found materials, photography, and “hard, wild graffiti.” There’s also a live performance from LIKE2000 at 9pm that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Article by Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra